Prizes from “Competition in Satriwithaya Academic Fair 2023”

Congratulations to students who won prizes in the dictionary competition, Royal Institute Edition 2011, lower secondary level in the Satriwithaya Academic Fair 2023 “THE DAY OF APOLLO GIRL” for the academic year 2023 between 29-30 January 2024 at Satriwithaya School, Bangkok.

1. Sirichantho Saithong, M.3/6, received the first prize and a prize of 1,000 baht and a certificate.
2. Israpohn Nokkat, M.3/5, received the first runner-up award and a prize of 700 baht and a certificate.

and students who received certificates for participating in the competition from the Thai encyclopedia quiz for youth (Thai Encyclopedia for Youth Volumes 26 and 32) at the lower secondary level.

1. Ladda Tanaverasuwan, M.2/4
2. Yuri Alisa Ikegami, M.2/5

The students were trained and directed by library teachers.