Awards acquired by the foreign language department in secondary level.

During last school year, 5 had sent students to participate in the Silapasat Language Festival, the English test program of Faculty of Arts, Rangsit University and the Online Friendship Cup – Chinese test.

The participated student were awarded as follows:

Department of Chinese Language
Miss Sirirat Chairattananon, M.6/5 awarded the first runner-up with a plaque from the Chinese cultural talent competition in the single category, and was awarded the second runner-up with a plaque from the TIKTOK Online Chinese Video Contest.

Three honor prizes.
Miss Suenthon Somboon, M.6/4 from the speech contest
Miss Sorrawee Thanapoonhirun, M.6/4 from Chinese Singing contest
Miss Natthatip Chooamnad, M.5/4 from the speed reading competition.

The department of English
Miss Natthaya Boondamrongsakul, M.2/1 won the bronze medal with 87 points from the competition of the Online Knowledge Test Program in English.
Miss Pissinee Chiangin and Miss Inthuon Yongvisut, M.5/5 received a commendation award from the competition in the short video clip contest under the theme “Covid Change the World, Covid changed us” in English.

The students were practiced and instructed by Miss Sirikunya Thani, Miss Ni Dan, and Miss Benjaporn Rasmidatta