Wattana Wittaya Academy Announcement No. WWA 12/2021

Announcement: Wattana Wittaya Academy

No. WWA 12/2564

Subject : Starting of semester 1, 2021 academic year,

postpone the camp for boarding students and online learning system.

Regarding to the current spread of the pandemic COVID-19, the Ministry of Education has announced for all schools to begin the first semester of 2021 academic year on 1 June 2021. The school, hence, would like to announce that:

1. The first semester of 2021 academic year would begin on Tuesday 1 June 2021 for Secondary Level, Wednesday 2 June 2021 for Kindergarten and Primary Levels.

2. The camp for boarding students M.1 and M.4 is postponed to further notice.

3. Online Learning would be a preparation practice while the school could not resume normally. The Ministry of Education has suggested that the school can organize online learning, therefore, Wattana Wittaya Academy will be kicking off the online learning for all levels during 17-31 May 2021, in which the time table would be announced accordingly. In order to get in touch with the class teacher of 2021 academic year for new students, the school shall reveal the contacting channel later.

4. Cancellation of book pick-up for primary and secondary students. The school will be sending the books to all students by post on 10 May 2021 if the tuition fee has been paid within 7 May 2021. The posting expenses of THB200 would be included in the tuition fee of the second semester of 2021 academic year. Kindergarten students will receive the books on the first day of the school.

5. Cancellation of uniform and school supplies selling at school. Parents and guardians could contact the shops directly. The information is provided on www.wattana.ac.th and Facebook : WWA_Official.

6. Wattana Wittaya Academy seeks utmost cooperation from everyone entering the school’s area. The order of the Centre for the Administration of the Situation due to the Outbreak of the Communicable Disease Coronavirus (COVID-19) is strictly applied i.e. set up temperature measurements, wash hands with alcohol gel or disinfectant, enforce a social distancing and wear surgical masks or cloth masks at all times.

Please be informed accordingly and the school apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Announce date: 29 April 2021