Watching the Broadway musical “Chicago the Musical” at M Theatre.

On Thursday, 16 May 2024, Mrs. Supaluk Chaisathan, the school Director, led the pray for God’s guidance to 39 students in M.1/1 Enrichment English Program (EEP) to witness the behind the scene of the dress rehearsal of the Broadway musical “Chicago the Musical” organised by the Department of Performing Arts, Bangkok University in collaboration with M Theater and Concord Theatricals, USA. The objectives of this field trip were to give students a chance to learn and improve their performing arts experience from the Performing Arts Program in university level and to be able to create their own works from this firsthand experience at M Theatre. Teachers in charge of the students were Miss Chalinee Samutphong, Head of Enrichment English Program in Secondary Level, Mrs. Narisara Phootrakul, Head of the Arts Department, Miss Pattaraporn Kongprasert, M.2 teacher for Arts class, Mr. Georgii Daraseliia, and Mr. Qiyam Classen, Enrichment English Program Teachers.