The activities to promote the learning potential of science and technology at the Rama IX Museum, National Science Museum.

Students in M.1/4-1/5 Special Classroom of STAMP participated in the “Promoting the Learning Capacity of Science and Technology” activity by experiencing exhibitions and activities that represent the evolution of the world and life. The ecosystem and biodiversity in each region of the world, including Thailand, are exhibited in the 3 main exhibitions:

Part one: our home, the birth of the earth and the living things.
Part II: Our Life— Earth’s Ecosystems
Part III: Our royal history: The King of science to sustainable coexistence.

The activities took place at Rama IX Museum, National Science Museum, Pathumthani Province, Wednesday, 18 January 2023, and were supervised by Miss Benjaporn Srinuam, (Head of Students Affairs in secondary level), Miss Nirumon Chanto, Miss Pattaraporn Klaysomboon, Miss Suthawadee Sukchana, (Homeroom teachers), Miss Yanika Thaweepol, (teacher in Science and Technology Department).