An English Drama performance in 2023 academic year.

The school management, teachers and parents joined force in supporting the M.2 students in undergoing an English Drama performance in 2023 academic year, which is part of the Drama subject in M.2 for Premium English Course (PEC). The purpose was to provide the students to demonstrate their ability to use English in writing drama scripts, communicating through speech and gestures, and providing them with working skills, problem solving, team working, courage to express themselves and be responsible. This included writing the script, directing the performance, making props for the performance, making the backdrop and controlling the light, color and sound. Miss Vasutthida Punwattana, serves as the teacher and directs the Drama practice for the students. The activity took place at Teacher Uma Pasolchivee Hall, Ayada Kirikul Building.

– Tuesday 6 February 2024, The Truth Untold by M.2/3 students.
– Thursday 8 February 2024, Since 1984 by M.2/2 students.